Lego: A Graceful Flying Pegasus Automaton

According to Greek mythology, Pegasus is the horse with wings that flew out of Medusa’s head. Whenever I’ve seen Pegasus in books or movies, I’ve always thought she was such a beautiful animal. We have seen a lot of Lego builds on Bit Rebels, but never before today would I have ever thought I’d see a moving Lego Pegasus.

Korean Lego-builder, Kyoung-bae Na, created this beauty. According to his MOCpage, “This Pegasus Automaton is moved by a series of mechanical gears and cranks. The Pegasus of white, hovering and flapping her wings, is recreated in balanced and correct body proportions to give vivid feelings. The gearbox has an antique beauty in clockwork style.

Not only would something like this be a joy to build, but also I think it would be inspiring to keep on a desk. Having a long day? Is your boss getting on your nerves? Just zone out for a minute with Pegasus. There is just something about that rhythmic flying Lego motion that is soothing and relaxing. After all, as Richard always says, almost all the world’s problems could probably be solved with a few boxes of Lego.

Kyoung-bae Pegasus Lego Build

Pegasus Lego Automaton Build

Lego Pegasus Automaton Build

Via: [Make]