Low on Cash? Paint Your Car with a Sharpie!

Remember the guy back in 2008 who painted his Lamborghini with a sharpie? I suppose saying “painted his car” is a stretch. Instead I’ll say he “decorated his car” with a sharpie. In case you missed that a few years ago, I put some pictures below. Fast forward to 2010, now it seems someone else has decided that getting their car painted the traditional way is either too expensive, too boring or too normal.

It took “Mighty Mike Niemann” 22 days and $100 worth of sharpies to create this masterpiece on his 1992 Mazda Miata. He drew the whole design by hand, and then sealed the deal with a clear coat of glossy paint to keep it all protected.

Seriously, what would possess a person to draw with sharpies all over their car? Could it be he is a doodler, and he ran out of paper? Maybe his iPad wasn’t working. I think this car looks really amazing, and it’s certainly original. I’m starting to think that sharpies turn regular geeky artists into super-geeky artists. After all, have you seen this dude who drew amazing artwork all over his walls with sharpies, this guy who drew these Star Trek pictures with sharpies (and with his eyes closed), and this other artist who draws entire landscapes on Styrofoam cups with sharpies? I’m telling you, sharpies do something to artists. It’s like they go into a sharpie trance, and they don’t come out until they’ve created something spectacular!

My next question is, what if you made a mistake? It’s one thing to accidentally get sharpie ink on your favorite shirt (I’m sure you know it stains like a mo-fo), but what about your car? I mean, it’s not like you can erase it and start over. Wow, no wonder this guy is named “Mighty Mike Niemann.” You are mighty talented! (Ok, that was bad. Lol)

[via Cool Material, Oddity Central]