Make Time For Breakfast: Photography Inspiration

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Most people I know either skip breakfast or eat it on the go. However, I enjoy my hot tea and toast or fresh fruit (with a little Twitter on the side) almost every day.

I’ve written about my favorite meal before on Bit Rebels. I remember the day I featured daisy eggs and tic-tac-toe toast. Then there was the time I wrote about a tribute to the perfect Twitter breakfast, which showcased different traditional breakfasts from around the world.

Today, I have more fun breakfast photography to share with you. Food photographer, Jen Causey, is a woman who obviously loves breakfast as much as I do since she has been photographing hers almost every day for three years! She almost never eats the same thing twice, and I just love all her breakfast photographs, which you can check out yourself on her blog at Simply Breakfast. I have chosen some of my favorites to feature below. Wow, I’m getting hungry, and what do you know… it’s time for breakfast!

[via It’s Nice That]