Make Your Life Easier: Add A Handle To Your MacBook

Some girls take their purse everywhere they go, some take their dog, I take my MacBook Pro. I even take it to the park, which you can see in this tribute to our readers. If you have a MacBook that you take everywhere like me, then you know how cumbersome it can be sometimes. I’m used to the weight of it, but it would sure be nice if it had a handle or something to make it more portable. I can’t count how many times I’ve almost dropped it. Many of my friends carry their laptop in a backpack, but that’s never really been my style.

Terrance Kirkwood, an ordinary guy from Boston, had the same idea. He set out to design a product that would make the MacBook easier to carry around. He wanted his design to be simple, stylish and comfortable. It had to be something that wouldn’t interfere with the normal use of a Macbook.  After a ton of hard work, inspiration, sketching, prototyping and testing, Terrance has come up with something that could make our lives a lot easier. It’s called the mBrace. Terrance is now into the manufacturing stage of his project, and he’s turned to the Kick Starter community to raise the $75,000 needed to make this a real product. As of today, there are 51 pledges which total about $2,590, so he’s definitely on his way!

Add handle to Macbook Pro

mBrace handle for MacBook Pro

mBrace handle on MacBook Pro

Via: [Geeky Gadgets]