Make Your Own Steampunk Mr. Potato Head

After seeing this steampunked Mr. Potato Head, I am officially convinced that absolutely anything can be steampunked. I’m just waiting for the day when someone steampunks their whole house, you know it’s coming, right?

Instructables member saritamarianyc from New York put a steampunk spin on this Mr. Potato Head that she bought at Target for less than ten bucks. Before she started her project, she made a sketch of what she wanted him to look like. She collected things around her house to use as little steampunk props. These included a soap dispenser, a plastic shampoo bottle, a contact lens case and some old wires. Some parts she sculpted from Premo.

After she had him all assembled, she painted him black to make all the household items and clay forms look consistent. Then of course she added the copper paint and the eyeball. This is a fabulous example of old items around the house (some of which might even be considered trash) being used in a contemporary and creative way to build something new. I love it! If you would like to read about all the details so you can make one of these for yourself, please click on through to her Instructable. You can also see more pictures from the design process on this flickr link and more pictures of this super duper steampunked Mr. Potato Head on this flickr link. Thank you for the inspiration saritamarianyc!

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