Melting Cheese Head Art – Food Design Inspiration

Cheese heads are fun, aren’t they? They are usually created in the spirit of comedy and make people laugh. I think my favorite cheese head to date is probably the Steve Jobs head.

The cheese heads I’m sharing with you today are supposed to be sophisticated art, so I will try not to joke around too much, this is serious (yeah, right). This installation recently showcased at the Brooklyn Museum.

Created by Bruce Nauman, these “Hanging Heads” are cheese heads all mixed up with heat lamps hanging from the ceiling so they slowly melt and drip onto the crackers. At first, as the cheese slowly started to melt, small drips fell. But then, as more of the cheese became gooey, big falling chunks dropped onto the table. One more thing, people wore fancy clothes, even tuxedos to check out this cheese. See, I told you, very serious. Haha You know, in a disgustingly yummy way, this is kinda creative, I think I like it.

[via cakeheadlovesevil]