Mosquitoes Crash Into Billboards and Create Artwork!

I live in Atlanta, Georgia and wow… the mosquitoes here are legendary. Often called Tiger mosquitoes because they are so huge, they attack with no mercy. Last night, I was outside throwing the football with @toad_mario, and in the first five minutes, I had at least ten bites.

Perhaps that is why this artwork (or graffiti) featuring dead mosquitoes plastered all over these billboards resonates with me. The strange thing is, I can’t find any information about who or why someone painted dead, bloody mosquitoes on these billboards.

Whoever did it; they are truly creative and talented. The way they painted those little mosquito bodies to look like they crashed into the billboards is brilliant. The only sad thing is that they messed up the beautiful faces of Eva Longoria Parker and Nicole Kidman!

[via zoinki]