New Technology Lets You Take Photographs With Your Fingers

The world of photography seems to be changing at a phenomenally fast pace. If you think about it, only a few years ago we were taking our roll of film to the Kodak store to be developed. We now have digital cameras on almost every device. Camera phones are in the hands of every age group, DSLR cameras are getting cheaper and easier to use, and now the institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences in Japan has created a camera that works by you creating a rectangle with your hands.

We have all seen professional photographers hold up their fingers in a little rectangle shape as they ‘frame’ their shot. Some of us amateur photographers have done this as well, although once I realize someone is looking I personally pick up the camera pretty quickly. Imagine my surprise then when I came across a camera that actually works by you just using your fingers to frame the shot.

An incredible leap in engineering has created a prototype called the Ubi-Camera where a small device is attached to your finger, and as you frame your fingers into a box-like shape, you can take your picture. The idea even lets you change from wide-angle pictures, which is your hands close to your face – because you can see more of the scene – to a telephoto pictures where you just stretch your hands out in front of you.

Having a range finder between the camera and your face helps the device understand what type of picture you are trying to take. You can see in the video below it is a prototype at the moment and needs a cable connected between the camera and computer, but clearly the technology has some merit for the future. I always knew that cameras would continue to get smaller, but this is one step I never imagined. The next thing we will have is a camera built into contact lenses.


Image Credit: [Gizmag]