Numbers Are All Around Us – Photo Inspiration

I find numbers intriguing. Math was never my favorite subject in school, but I respect math since we use it everyday. I admire people who are good with numbers. I think it’s a gift. Numbers are always all around us. We work with numbers, and we deal with numbers on a day to day basis. Do you ever take the time to actually stop and look around to see the different ways they are embedded in the things around us?

I love looking at photographs. I also love taking them. I admire the way photographers can capture their subjects. They give each image their special touch in their own way, just like the ones I have put together here. Numbers are numbers, simple right?! However, the ones here are quite different. You will see that creativity, when captured, can be mind blowing and refreshingly amazing. Maybe the next time you go out, you can take your camera with you. Try to capture the numbers that you will see around you and share them here with us.

Main Image Source – Give me

Image Source – Le Grand 8 (0+0=8)

Image Source – Nine to One

Image Source – Two of Arts

Image Source – In the Last Place

Image Source – And then there was one

Image source – ’56 500TR/625LM

Image Source – Fives