Paper Plate Built Into Pizza Box: No More Greasy Fingers

It’s always interesting to learn how and why certain products were created. Some of the world’s more incredible inventions were discovered completely by accident since the inventor didn’t intend to create anything at all. Other things were originally called “mistakes” since they were meant to be something else. According to this article on Business Insider, the microwave oven, potato chips, the pacemaker and even ink-jet printers all fall into one of these two categories.

Then there are other things, like this concept design called Paper Dish, that are born out of pure necessity. It’s basically like a paper plate and napkin built right into the pizza box before it’s even delivered. Its purpose? Of course, it’s to keep your hands from getting all greasy and nasty.

This is one of those very simple ideas that once again proves that brilliant design doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. The only problem is, I think it might make me eat more pizza since suddenly I wouldn’t have to wash my hands after each slice. Hmm… maybe this isn’t so good after all. :) Designers: Yu Kyung Ha, Won Min Jung and Kwon Young Hee.




Via: [Yanko Design]