Periodic Table Of Storytelling: For The Geeky Blogger In You

Warning: Looking at this periodic table will mesmerize you and could cause loss of productivity. If you are at work right now and bored out of your eyeballs, this is just what you are looking for to pass some time. Welcome to the periodic table of storytelling. I cannot even imagine how long this took to create. It’s more like a puzzle than anything else.

While using this, we will never have writer’s block again. This handy little reference is an English-major’s dream come true. It is conveniently broken down and organized into storytelling categories that follow in a logical sequence. They include structure, setting (plots), story modifiers, plot devices, heroes, character modifiers, archetypes, villains, metatropes, production and audience reactions. DeviantART member ComputerSherpa (aka James) created this nifty gem for his visual design class. According to his DeviantART page, we should “pick a few squares that look interesting or familiar. Search for them here. You will probably not emerge for several days.

The detail on this chart blows my mind. Everything is well thought out from the identifier to the trope name to the popularity in kilowicks (thousands of links to its page within the wiki). From a writer’s perspective, I feel my brain getting bigger when I look at this. Check out ComputerSherpa’s gallery for even more goodies.

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Story Parts Illustrated In Infographic

Via: [Flavor Wire] Header Image Credit: [Content to Commerce]