Photography: A Drop of Water Becomes a Rainbow of Color

What is it that makes water so interesting to photograph? I’ve been inspired by some of the photographers we’ve featured on Bit Rebels, and I’ve tried to photograph water droplets myself. However, I usually just end up with a big mess. I guess that is what separates a real photographer from a girl that has a camera.

In these two previous articles, Dancing Paint – High Speed Water Photography and Remarkable Water and Paint Photography, we showcased some breathtaking high-speed water photography.  In this article, I’m featuring more of that style. The interesting thing to me is how different each one of these photographers are, even though they are photographing the same thing, water. It really just goes to show that photography truly is an art form, and just like in other forms of art, different artists have different interpretations.

These photos, taken by Tobias Brauening from Germany, were snapped at the exact moment colored ink hit the water. These capture what we would normally not be able to see since our eye can’t capture this image fast enough.  Tobias credits his study and use of new technology for his photography success. He says that even with all that technical help, it can still take hours and hours to get the photograph just right. You can read more about Tobias and his technique by reading this article on Spluch called Making a Splash – Water Color Photographer Creates Patterns.