Pimp Your Teeth: Transform Your Smile With Teeth Tattoos

Wow, this is really classy. I want a William and Kate tattoo on my teeth too! (1st picture below) Hmm… Apparently teeth tattoos are the new trend, or so some people say. I really can’t imagine any sane person getting one, but hey, that’s just me. Some of them are decals, and just for a few hours of fun. However, many of them require 6-8 hours in a dentist chair, and they are very permanent. Geeezzz…. I dread sitting in the dentist chair for my teeth cleaning every 6 months. I can’t imagine actually paying to sit in there for almost all day.

I suppose it makes sense since we’ve seen gold and diamonds on the teeth of rappers for decades. A lot of people think this trend started in Japan; however, I think I’ve traced it back to India where it’s been done for about 30 years. Most of the time, the tooth being tattooed is not removed from the mouth and then put back in. Instead, the design is placed on the tooth while it is still intact.

These “grill tats,” as some people call them, are about the same price as any other tattoo. You’d think they would cost less since they are so much smaller, but it’s really the special equipment required that drives the price up. I can understand teenagers possibly wanting the decal teeth tattoo stickers just for fun, but the real teeth tattoos… No way. What do you think? :)

William and Kate Tooth Tattoo

Tooth Tattoo Popular Decals

Tooth Tattoo Is Popular

Abraham Lincoln Tooth Tattoo

Tooth Tattoo Is Ugly

Tooth Tattoo Popular Decals

William and Kate Tooth Tattoos

Tooth Tattoo Popular Decals

Historical Figures On Tooth Tattoo

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