Pokérose: Because Pokémon Geeks Need Love Too

I’m a huge Pokémon fan, and when I saw this, I knew I had to show you. It’s a sweet, geeky Pokémon rose that any geek girl would love to get from her man, well, at least I would. The kind of man that would give a girl a rose like this is marriage material. #justsayin

These pictures have gone viral, and I can understand why. It’s quite a task to get a rose to grow like this. Do you know how they did it? I do. Although I first saw this on Geekosystem with a link to reddit, I tried hard to trace this back to the original source. I was unsuccessful; however, I did scan through the over 150,000 notes and comments on various sites and blogs, and I believe I’ve gotten down to the bottom of how they created this.

It was a white plastic rose that they took apart, painted, and put back together. Then they stuck it in the ground so that it would look authentic. I also read that a rose like this is for sale somewhere for about $8. Damn. Does that make it any less special? Hmm…

There is a way to make a rose grow like this though. I wrote about it in an article back in 2010 called How To: Grow A Rainbow Colored Rose. It’s a process that involves putting food coloring into dishes of water. Then you split the stem and dip different parts of it into different colored waters. The rose petals will be the same colors as the water that part of the stem was dipped into. Now that I think about it, maybe buying one of these for $8 is the best idea after all. If you want to see more unusual roses, check out these bacon roses. nom nom!

Gamer Girl Romantic Flower

Gamer Girl Romantic Flower

Gamer Girl Romantic Flower


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    berenice Huerta 8 years

    having a wedding and i need to buy some pokeball roses