Pixel Perfect Portraits Created From Old Keyboard Keys [12 Pics]

Our world is changing at an ever-increasing speed, and the quantity of items being discarded is filling our world with a serious waste problem. Fortunately, one artist is recycling one such discarded item and creating stunning pieces of art with it. Computers, and their peripherals, are items that are constantly being updated and replaced. The keyboard keys have gone from chunky ‘must have muscles like rocky to press them down’ to touchscreen digital delights in a very short time. The old keyboard keys are what Australian artist, WBK, used in these amazing portraits.

By taking old, discarded computer keyboard keys, WBK used various shades and colors to create pixel perfect portraits of actors, singers, world famous leaders and other celebrities. The stunning mix of individual keyboard keys gives a very dynamic and 3D feel to these images. WBK’s choice of key colors really does build up an amazing texture on an otherwise flat piece of art.

What truly makes these portraits unique, other than the medium, is the way you almost forget that each pixel is an old key that people have been typing and hitting for years before, maybe writing blog posts about artists and singers as well. I personally found it difficult to choose a favorite among these portraits, as they are all wonderful. The choice of people is also extremely varied since you have the Big Bang Theory stars along side Nelson Mandela, Jay-Z and Puff Daddy!

When looking closely that the individual keys, it is hard to know where or from what device they came from. The majority of them are pretty standard, but the artist WBK found some quite unique keys and used them superbly. I am sure the next time you sit down to type anything on your computer, you will look very differently at the keys underneath your fingertips and wonder what you could create with them. It certainly does make you think about the things we throw away. One man’s trash is another man’s art.

Portraits Created From Keyboard Keys













Via: [Visual News]