Random Mosaic Art You Will Geek Out On

The Society of American Mosaic Artists will be opening an exhibit in my hometown soon. Woo-hoo you say, next. Wait, don’t tune me out yet. I must admit the word mosaic quite frankly doesn’t sound very geeky. This ancient art form makes me think about Italy or extravagant kitchen tile decor, not funky fun art, but these pieces are so much more. When you take a look, I think you will agree that they are pretty remarkable in subject and craft.

I particularly love piece titled “In Her Shoes” by Lin Schorr because I still love Converse shoes, and the piece evokes vulnerability. Then there is the ooh-so-cool three dimensional octopus by Betsy Youngquist “Otto.” Lucky me, I will be able to study the small details and get a feel for the scale of the piece up close. It is amazing that some of the pieces used are as small as the head of a sewing straight pin.

There are a few others that are so beautifully designed and crafted that they look very painterly in photos. While others embrace the texture of the material in their execution. I can understand why there is a resurgence in one of the world’s oldest art forms. I will let you be the judge of whether you like viewing the art.

three dimensional tile glass artJuror’s Choice; Arturo Alonzo Sandoval “Otto” by Betsy Youngquist

ceiling fixture display blue silverJuror’s Choice; Josh Blanc Four Stages of Higher Learning by Paul Pearman

dress form outside ribbon topInnovation in Mosaics 2012: I Tied a Yellow Ribbon by Sally Kinsey

rocks landscape marble tileJuror’s Choice; Amy Gundrum Greene Winter’s Beauty by Laura Rendlen

Image Credits: [Mosaic Arts Int.] [Sally Kolar]