Retro Cool Style: Boombox Pillows Complete With Speakers

Who says that throw pillows have to be pastel-colored and fuzzy? If your high maintenance girl is trying to decorate your bedroom with a collection of pillows that only a prima donna could love, just tell her to back off because you are going retro cool this time around!

These are the most creative pillows I’ve seen in a long time, and I think they’re brilliantly designed. According to Meninos, “If you miss the days of jamming #2 pencils into cassette tapes and watching the levels bounce with the beat of Ice Ice Baby, then this Boombox Pillow Set available from Meninos is the perfect place to rest your head.

If you are going to pimp out your room with these though, you might as well bust out with the parachute pants and bomber jacket too. This set comes with three pillows (one boombox and two speakers). Just make sure you have a big enough place to display them in a row like this, otherwise they won’t make much sense. At $70 for the set, they are a little pricey. Like we always say though, being a retro geek ain’t cheap. You can pick them up over at Boombox Set. These make me want to go down into the basement and find all my old cassettes.




Via: [Cool Material]