Share Your Smileys IRL With The Emoticon Calendar

I’m a big fan of emoticons and smiley faces. I know many people think they are silly and serve no purpose, but I like to put them in most of my tweets, Facebook updates and texts. I’ve noticed lately that on more and more apps I download, it asks if I want to include my “mood.” I suppose emoticons are here to stay, and they are setting the standard for how we share what we are feeling with our online friends.

Now, thanks to BrigadaCreativa’s Etsy store, emoticons have jumped off the computer screen and into our daily life at home. This Life Calendar below asks the question, “How was your day?” Each day of the year, you can fill in the yellow circle with a little illustration of how you feel. Although there are probably an endless number of emoticons we could create, the directions with the calendar suggest choosing one of these five: very good, good, regular, bad or very bad.

What a fun little calendar to hang on the wall! It reminds me of the Facebook like stamp that someone created to allow us to “like” things offline as well as online. More and more our online and offline lives are merging into one. I love it! In my opinion, that’s the way it should be. Instead of having an “online” life and an “offline” life, we should just be able to live our lives as we are, wherever we are. It seems so simple. You can pick up one of these calendars for about $14. And, if you like the colorful smileys in the header image of this article, you can buy a sheet of those nine designs in sticker format here for only $2.49.