Shoes Made From Furniture Scraps – Recycling Creativity

I haven’t written a shoe article in over a week, so it’s about time! Liza Fredrika Aslund, a designer from Sweden, created these shoes from pieces of wood leftover from some furniture construction. Normally, these small pieces of wood would be thrown into the garbage, but she has created something beautiful with them instead!

According to greenmuze, in addition to being ergonomic, these handmade shoes also have the “added benefit of supporting better weight distribution when walking.” Hmm.. they sound comfy!

As you see, the wood was carved to create the heel. The little pieces of wood are piled on top of each other and attached with a pin to form each single heel. Each shoe has a signature orange color on the inside. Of course, I don’t know how practical these would be to wear in daily life, but they would look very stylish sitting on a shelf for a recycling reminder!