Shoot The Lights On With A Remote Control Gun

We’ve all been in the situation where it is late at night, you’re exhausted from a day’s work, and you’re ready to climb into bed and crash. Just as you get all cozy and warm in your bed tucked beneath your comforter with your head resting on your pillow, you realize you forgot to turn out the lights, or maybe the situation is a bit different. Maybe you just walked out of a room and forgot to turn the lights off. Instead of having to walk back and turn the switch off, wouldn’t it be better to have a light with a remote control to fix situations like this? You could keep the remote right next to your bedside and switch the lights off from the comfort of your covers. Better yet, wouldn’t it be awesome if that remote came in the shape of a gun? Good news! This amazing product already exists.

It is called the BitPlay Bang! Lamp. This lamp is available for purchase on Dynamism for $299. The lamp is currently only available in white, and it stands about a foot and a half tall. It is battery operated, and only takes 1 light bulb. The remote control gun is made of metal and works within a 15-foot range of the lamp. After you shoot the lights on, the lamp shade will tilt backwards to reflect being shot. Shoot it again and the shade will restore itself to its original state.

If you don’t feel like shooting the lights on and off, there is also an on/off switch located directly on the cord. Having a remote control for a lamp is definitely convenient, but I’m not sure how effective this lamp would be in helping me sleep more comfortably. I know I wouldn’t be able to shoot the lamp off just once. Shooting the lights on/off would release my true inner geek and keep me happily amused for all hours of the night. This lamp comes with a 6-month warranty, but perhaps it should also come with a warning: This product may cause an increase in entertainment and a decrease in productivity and sleep.




Via: [Dynamism]