Smart Ways To Use Stock Photos For Social Media

Perhaps, it is difficult to regularly create many quality images for a company or brand. In addition to the visual side of your webpage or blog, you have to create an endless stream of graphics for your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Get prepared to apply more stock pictures to social media accounts, and we will tell you how to make your pics look relevant. Today, we will share a few tips and approaches with you to make them look perfect for your brand.

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7 Ideas On How To Apply Stock Pictures On Social Media

If you don’t want someone to recognize free stock images in your publications, they have to fulfill the below criteria:

  • match the content of your post;
  • match your corporate brand;
  • be unique enough to grab attention.

Besides, the following few tips will help you find and publish stock images on social media.

1. Approach The Search Creatively

It is more important to select pics using specific or unusual keywords. In this way, you are more likely to get images that are less likely to be found on someone else’s page.

2. Choose Images That Match The Style Of Your Page

Think about the design of your page and how it will look in the future. Then search for images that fit your idea. Whether you select the images that match the style of published pics, subscribers will start recognizing them.

3. Use Pics From The Same Source Or The Same Series

Once you’ve decided on the style of your pics and found free images on Everypixel that suit your expectations – check out similar pics by reverse image search or using a filter by author. Perhaps, the same photographer will have other images appropriate for your gallery.

4. Combine Free Photos With Your Own Pics

Do not use free images only. Alternate them with your own shots and photos that you make for your brand. You can also add custom content (of course, with the permission of the authors).

5. Choose Images That Allow You To Put Several Layers

We frequently add text, icons, illustrations, and design elements to social media pics. By adding text and illustrations, you turn a regular photo into a completely non-stock image. Besides, free photos are great for giving context to quotes.

6. Don’t Forget The Illustrations

It is easier to focus on the most popular free photos, but there are a lot of interesting things besides images in illustrations and vectors. Here you can find cool graphics and elements for your designs, or even use them in combination with stock photos.

7. Use Free Images For Mockups

Mockups are a very effective tool, especially if you need to add some ads or demonstrate something.


Now you know how to effectively use nice stock pics so that readers will pay attention to them and stop scrolling the feed! Just add some creativity and follow the above tips.

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