Social Media Saves The Day With A Terminator Leg

We are seeing more and more stories lately about the warmth, compassion and friendships formed in social media. This time it’s about a social media site that many people still haven’t heard of, Reddit. Reddit is a site that is very similar to Digg. Ever since Digg started losing traffic (mainly due to their redesign), Reddit has been right there to pick up the pieces.

According to Mashable, Reddit grew 230% in 2010. If you are considering broadening your social media horizons, you might want to consider this site. You can learn how to get started on Reddit here. And, as with all social media sites, there is etiquette to follow there. Here is the proper Reddiquette.

Now back to our story. 20-year-old Reddit user captaincripple lost his leg in a motorcycle accident a year ago. Most people I know, including me, would probably sit around and sulk for a while if that happened. Captain Cripple, on the other hand, turned to social media for advice and virtual hugs. He asked his Reddit friends for help in designing his new leg, which would obviously be a prosthetic. He made it clear that anything goes and all ideas would be considered. Some people suggested a pirate leg, some submitted pogo stick designs, and of course, a C-3PO leg entered the mix.

Long story short, Captain Cripple decided on a leg designed by Stuart Vimpani. As you see in the pictures, it’s painted to look like a Terminator. Captain Cripple says he loves his new Terminator leg. It’s especially great for flirting with the ladies. What an inspring story! Thank you to @_Sue_Ross for telling me about this.

Social Media Saves The Day

Social Media Saves The Day

Reddit Users Save the Day

Via: [Moviefone] Image Credit: [Imgur]