Social Sites And Browsers Recreated As Mystifying Manga Characters

Our online culture including our favorite social sites and browsers have been redesigned many times over the years. We’ve seen them recreated into just about everything, which makes sense. I mean, can you think of the last time you went an entire 24 hours without accessing a social site or a browser? I can’t. Those things are a huge part of our lives, and kinda like Google, I don’t know how we could live without them. Today I’ll show you some social sites and browsers redesigned as Manga characters.

According to art student Jon-Lock‘s deviantART profile, he doesn’t have very much confidence in his art. That blows my mind because he is extraordinarily talented. You can take a glance at his art below and know that immediately. He is especially skilled at Manga art, and if you click over to his deviantART page, you’ll see a lot more than just the ones I’ve put below.

There is something about personifying social sites and browsers that is always interesting to see. I suppose it might be because the technology itself that we use to stay in touch with each other becomes a friend to us too. We couldn’t imagine going anywhere without our smartphones, tablets or laptops. We become so familiar with our favorite social sites and browsers that they become kind of like a portal into our virtual world, and a necessity in our modern lives.

I hope Jon continues creating manga characters that represent our online culture today. I could imagine him creating these characters for a lot of different popular social sites and tools that we use. He could even create one for ’email,’ and it could be the oldest manga character he’s ever created (maybe with silver hair and cute wrinkles). Just an idea…

Social Sites & Browsers Recreated As Manga Characters

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Firefox (oriental version)


Via: [Design Taxi]