Stitch Wars Strikes Back: Star Wars Plushies To Make You Smile

We’ve featured Star Wars plush toys before, but none that are as cute and cozy as these. There is just something about how these are designed that will surely put a big smile on your face. It used to be that plush toys (or stuffed animals) were just for little kids, but not anymore. With the rise of yarn bombing combined with crocheting making a big comeback, everyone, regardless of age, is enjoying soft fuzzy toys these days.

These cuties were created by Denn Rodriguez (a.k.a. OctoKitty). She originally created them for her collection called Stitch Wars Strikes Back which was released last summer. She even offers a tutorial on her blog for those crafters brave enough to make these at home.

The Chewbacca and the Wampa are definitely my favorites. Denn normally sells these in her Etsy Store, but she’s sold out at the moment. According to her page, she has more “under construction.” Denn made a pretty impressive Oompa Loompa too. Wow, I admire people with this kind of talent. I know I’ll be sure to check back in a few months to see if she’s made more!

Fuzzy Chewbacca and Luke Toys

Boba Fett Fuzzy Toy

Fuzzy Chewbacca and Luke Toy

Chewbacca and Luke Fuzzy Toys

Wampa Fuzzy Plush Toy

Via: [Flavorwire]