Stunning Portraits Painted With Red & White Wine

Wow, these paintings are spectacular. I would never guess that they were made using wine as the paint. We’ve written about beer used as paint, and cork from wine bottles used to make portraits, so I suppose it’s about time that we write about these extraordinary paintings made with wine.

Artist Elisabetta Rogai only uses white wine and red wine in her paintings (she doesn’t add any chemicals to the mixture). The reason they look so stunning is because the wine ages on the canvas just like it would in a bottle. On the canvas, it only takes a few months instead of years to age. The paintings completely change their look over those few months. The texture, the color and the tones all enhance and develop over a period of just three months. In other words, her paintings age just like the wine they were created with, and they get better with age.

I was imagining her painting with the liquid wine, but she really paints with a thicker than regular wine substance that looks like oil paint. It was a long process to figure out how to exactly manipulate the wine so it would all work, but now that she has it all down to a science (literally), her paintings sell for thousands of dollars each. These are fabulous. There is something about them that is just so elegant. You can learn more about Elisabetta on her website.

Use Red Wine As Paint

Using Red Wine As Paint

Using Red Wine As Paint

Using Red Wine As Paint

Via: [Oddity Central]