Superhero Street Art: Stunning Works Of Art In Public Spaces

Street art has evolved so much over the past decade. I remember back when it was associated with vandalism and ugly, territorial graffiti. Wow have times changed, and now, for the most part, instead of conjuring thoughts of pointless, destructive tagging, street art reminds us of all the beautiful artwork found in public spaces all over the world.

The Guinness Book of World Records even recognizes street art, and we recently featured the World’s Longest & Largest 3D Art. This street art below by Fintan Magee caught my attention because of this super cute superheroes design painted on a street corner in Melbourne, Australia.

As you’ll see, he’s completed several designs with the superhero theme, but he’s also got some other designs that are equally as impressive. Fintan is based out of Brisbane, but I wish he would come to Atlanta and put some of his designs around this city! That would be awesome. We’ve got a few brick buildings downtown that could really use some jazzing up like this. You can keep up to date on his work by viewing his Flickr Photostream. You can also see more on his website.

Batman Superman Children Street Art

Fintan Magee Superhero Graffiti

Superman Baby Street Art

Batman Mask Couple Street Art

Going Fishing Colorful Street Art

Garbage Trash Bags Street Art

Trash Garbage Bags Street Art

Huge Beautiful Street Art Paintings

Box Over Heads Street Art

Via: [My Modern Met]