Take A Ride In A Chocolate Boat!

Chocolate makes me happy, and I can’t imagine eating it without a smile on my face. I love all kinds of chocolate; even white chocolate and dark chocolate.

When I was a little girl, my grandparents lived on Hilton Head Island. Every time my sisters and I would visit them, they would take us to The Chocolate Plantation and let us choose whatever chocolate creation we wanted.

Here on Bit Rebels, we’ve written about chocolate shoes, a chocolate theme park, inhalable chocolate, how to paint with chocolate and even the world’s biggest KitKat bar, which is of course made out of chocolate. Today I am featuring a real boat, made out of chocolate! George Larnicol, a French chocolatier, created and sailed this 3.5 meter long chocolate boat.

This was his second attempt at making such an unusual mode of transportation; his first attempt resulted in a boat that fell apart in the water. This boat, obviously very successful, is named “Bateau Chocolat II.” It weighs 1.2 tons. The frame is made of sugar, and the rest of it is made completely of chocolate. It took George about 400 hours to complete his masterpiece. It even has an electric motor attached to it! Great job George! Do you ever get tempted to take a bite while you are sailing? I would.

[via Damn Fresh Pics]