TazzleIT Now | View, Print and Share!

Gone are the days when you need to wait until you get to your computer at home or the office in order to access your email or files.  Gone are the days when you need to wait to chat with your friends via YM or wait until you get to your computer to update your FaceBook or Twitter accounts.  The mobile phone has now made it so easy for us to stay connected.  But the downside is when you are traveling, or in another office, and you need to print out a document which you have on your BlackBerry. Have you ever wished you could print emails, documents and pictures directly from your BlackBerry? Now you can with Tazzle IT!  Print from your BlackBerry to ANY printer without special network access, subscriptions or cables. All you need is a Tazzle IT device and a PC with a USB port.

Tazzle IT is a revolution of speed and convenience for busy Blackberry users. It is the quickest, easiest way to view, print and send email content, attachments, photos and files from your BlackBerry directly to any PC — without the hassle of cables, SD cards, WiFi network configuration, or synchronization software.

Tazzle, Inc.’s wireless solutions enable corporations and individuals to easily and securely view, print and share their important data and files. Established in 2009, the privately-funded company is executing on its focused, long-term product and marketing plan to create and capitalize on new data transfer technology standards.

One can purchase the device HERE for US $79.95.  I included a video for your appreciation.  Tweet them your inquiries @TazzleITNow

Tazzle IT Features and Benefits from Jake Jenkins on Vimeo.