The 3 Essential Parts Of Your About Page

When I wrote the 7 Essential Parts of A Blog on Ink Rebels, a reader pointed out the need to also consider concentrating on the “about” page on our blog, and I definitely agree. We put a lot of effort into designing our blog including the look, the feel, the tabs, the categories to include, and the type of tone that will allow our blog to stand out, but many people have given little attention to their about page.

My friends are now putting up their blogs, and I have always told them to put some time in writing their about page. I cannot reiterate enough how much it impacts your blog’s identity, as well as your own. It speaks volumes about YOU. If it’s a company blog, your company’s image and identity are at stake. Here are 3 things you must consider when writing your about page.

1. A Complete Bio – If it’s a collaborative blog, like Ink Rebels or Bit Rebels, it is always good to write a brief bio for each of your writers. This will give everyone a feel for what the writer likes, including his or her interests. Take the time to also write how and why the blog was created. This will allow your readers to understand why you write the way you do.

2. An Avatar or Profile Picture – This will allow people to know who you are, your identity. Some people I know rely on our photos more than our usernames. Some people often identify us by our photos on social networking sites like Twitter. I know a lot of people recognize us from our avatars first, before anything else.

3. Portfolio – Take this opportunity to highlight what you have accomplished. This is your promotion page so share your other online activities and include links where people can see your other works. Be creative, it is truly worth the effort.

Image Credit [Patryk Kosmider / Shutterstock]