The 365 Project – A Whole Year Of Fun For Photogs

So, you like photography? Then why not try the 365 Project? What is it? It is a fun website where you shoot and upload a photo for every day in 2012. The site says it’s about documenting a year of your life through photos. Many people who have participated in this project in past few years have said it really helped them with their photography. It helped them to grow in their art, and it pushed them to contribute and work at their craft. You’ll be able to look back over every day of the year and see what you were doing, what you picked up, and the people and events you shot. You’ll learn a lot about the capabilities of your camera, and even how to light your subjects and much more.

It’s easy to join – just go to the website and click the big “Get Started Now” button. Fill out the small form and start shooting and uploading right away. You can even follow people on the site and see what they are shooting and posting each day. After looking at the photos, I see they vary a lot in style and composition.

For my first photo, I shot something quick and simple – a New Year’s celebration hat made of a glossy paper that popped in the light. I set the camera to drift off focus but kept the “Happy” in “Happy New Year” as the subject of the shot, with the focus. If you are new to photography, this is a great site to get started with because it is non-judgmental of your work and facilitates. There’s an atmosphere of sharing from your perspective. However, if you want critiques of your work, they provide an area for this as well. They also have a blog and discussion area to keep your creative juices flowing by providing ideas and motivation. Don’t worry about thinking up something to shoot when the well is dry. They have a lot of cool ideas.

Most importantly, the site appears to be designed to have fun. I’m looking forward to seeing you all there.

Various Photo Styles and Composition

New Year Celebration Hat

Comments? We love them! Tell us if you know of other photo sites you like and visit often.

 Image Credits: [365 Project]