The Baked Table: Now You Can Eat Your Fork & Napkin

Here in Atlanta, it’s not uncommon to order soup inside of an edible bread bowl in a restaurant. However, before today, I’ve never seen an entire table wear set created from baked bread!

Andere Monjo, an artist and designer living in Spain, created this set called “Baked Table” for the London Design Festival. Not only did she bake the entire set from a simple recipe, she also crafted each piece to look as if it was made by cavemen or something. The look is that of a traditional craft, like an arrowhead or spear from pre-colonial days that we see in the encyclopedias.

She created the dough from flour, water and a handful of seeds. As you see, the set includes everything you’d need for your table including forks, knives, spoons, bowls, cups, napkins and placemats. You’ll notice that some of the pieces appear to be baked unevenly; some almost look burnt in places. I can’t help but think she did that for effect. I don’t know whether it was to give some contrast in the colors, or to emphasize that cooking in the early days was done on an open fire, and thus uneven, or both. I wouldn’t mind taking a crunch out of one of these. Something tells me they might need a pinch of salt.

[via Trendland]