The Fascinating Font Created From Leg Hair

Here’s a scenario for you… Let’s say you are attending an art university and the instructor of your design class gives everyone an assignment to create a brand new font that has never been seen before, without the use of a computer. What would you do? Computers and fonts go together like peanut butter and jelly or Mario and Luigi. How would you go about it without using a computer?

Japanese student Mayuko Kanazawa was given this assignment, and she decided to use her friend’s leg. Well, his leg hair to be exact. When I first saw this, my immediate reaction was that it was disgusting. However, after I saw it in the Adidas ad below, which she created as an example, I started to really see the creativity.

What I want to know is how did she manipulate the hair like this to turn it into letters, and how long did it take? I wonder if she had to put some sort of gel or hairspray on the strands of hair to make them twist and turn like she wanted them too. I also wonder if she accidentally ripped out a few pieces in the process. My favorite part of this is that the leg hair is still attached to the leg. It seems like it would have been a lot easier to shave it off first, but she didn’t take the easy way out, instead, she created something really extraordinary and bizarre. Excellent!

Japanese Student Makes Hair Font

Japanese Student Makes Hair Font

Japanese Student Makes Hair Font

Via: [Oddity Central]