The iPhone & 1984 Mac If Leonardo da Vinci Created Them

If you are on the Internet as much as I am during the day, you know that recently there have been tons of articles written with either supposedly leaked iPhone 5 images (which aren’t legit of course) or iPhone 5 concept designs. We’ve even touched on this before here on Bit Rebels when Richard wrote about an artist who took all the “leaked images” and put them together into one concept design. You can check that out at Full iPhone 5 Rendered in 3D From All The “Leaked” Images.

Out of all the imagined iPhone 5 designs, there is only one that made me drool so much that I would actually consider standing in line for it. The pictures of it are gorgeous, and you can check them out here.

I thought I’d get in on all the iPhone 5 hype today, but approach it from a different perspective. What would the iPhone 5 look like if Leonardo da Vinci designed it? What would the very first Macintosh computer from 1984 look like if Leonardo da Vinci designed it? The answers to those questions can be found in the images below. Artist Kevin Tong actually designed these images several years ago, but Leonardo da Vinci and his creative mind never go out of style, and these are just as relevant now as they were then. You can learn more about Leonardo by checking out Leonardo da Vinci’s To-Do List: Peek Into A Creative Mind.




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    jim 7 years

    He should be one of the many who would have maximized the use of it. Well, we have to assume that the iPhone is in working conditions and he somehow understands to operate it at least. Otherwise, the use will be hovering over the metal, glass and the language decode. But of course, the internet cannot be an option in it.
    The Glass at the front would have been the most curious thing for Da Vinci. He would have tried to understand the glass and would have understood the importance of glass for protection. The iPhone on 15th century could have inspired Da Vinci to introduce the system of glass wrapped protection. He could have used the same for the paintings and may be other things well. It could very well inspire the idea of framing as well considering the back of the iPhone, especially for the paintings.
    This could have been the most amazing part. Whenever he would have touched the screen, it would have popped for some or the other design for a passcode. Well, it would have nothing less than a top secret for Da Vinci as well. But the touch screen might have made him realize the power of sensors. Even though it could have been very difficult to understand a thing about the touchscreen but Da Vinci could have been convinced that secret has been passed to him to unlock the mystery of the world.