The Most Heavenly Ice Cream Sundae You’ve Ever Seen

This ice cream sundae you see below is truly a work of art. It’s a design masterpiece and I’d love nothing more than to tackle this like a linebacker for dinner tonight. Yeah baby!

Sure, it’s messy and it might look like a diabetic’s worst nightmare, but just imagine the sugar high! You could fly into next week with this bad boy.

This is how it all went down: does a series called “Will They Build It?” where they travel to different places and ask them to build strange things, usually food related. On this adventure, they went to Cold Stone Creamery (nom nom) and asked them to build a sundae with 1 quart of sweet cream ice cream, 1 quart of Oreo cream ice cream and 1 scoop of every single topping they have – there are 40! Cold Stone Creamery built this gigantic sundae and then they videotaped some poor guy named Tony Richards who had to eat it all, which he did. This is sick! (ok, that was bad) These pictures are so purdy. I’m suddenly craving ice cream.

[via odditycentral, topcultured]