The Most Nutritious Post-It Notes You’ve Ever Seen

They say the best things in life are either free or discovered by accident. The sticky note, or post-it note, falls into that category. As I sit here now, they are all over my desk and monitor. Just like many people, whenever I have a fleeting thought I want to be sure to remember, I reach for a post-it note. I can’t imagine life without them.

The origin of post-it notes is a really neat story. In 1968, a scientist at 3M discovered an unusual type of glue that was sticky yet couldn’t be dissolved or melted. This adhesive, although interesting, wouldn’t stick very strongly. At the time, nobody at 3M could come up with a use for it. Seven years later, a researcher at 3M decided to take a little of this temporary glue and apply it to the edge of a small piece of paper to use as a bookmark in his church hymnbook. This solved his problem of not being able to switch pages between songs quickly.

Three years later, in 1977, the first official post-it notes were manufactured. Back then, secretaries (wow, I haven’t used that word in a long time!) fell in love with the little notes and came up with tons of uses for them. By 1990, post-it notes were one of the top five selling office supplies in America.

Post-it notes remind me a little of bacon in the fact that designers, artists and ordinary people everywhere are inspired by them. Whether people use them to pull a prank, get romantic or show their originality, post-it notes offer enough creative versatility to inspire us all. The designers over at D Bros are no exception. They created these very nutritious looking sticky notes, which I think are simply adorable. Their attention to detail on these is really incredible. The way they stand up and fan out makes them the perfect little decoration for any desk. Love it!

Fruit Shaped Post It Notes

Apple Shaped Sticky Notes

Pear Shaped Post It Notes

Apple Shaped Post It Notes

Pear Shaped Post It Notes

Fruit Shaped Sticky Notes

Pear Shaped Sticky Note

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