The Secret Life Of A Mouse In Pictures

The last time I wrote about the daily life of another creature, it was all about a fly in an articled called, “The Secret Life Of A Fly In Pictures.” However, that article was very different since it focused on a photographer who positioned dead flies for his interesting photographs.

In this example, showcasing harvest mice, photographers Jean-Louis Klein and Marie-Luce Hubert spent an entire year crouching in meadows and waiting patiently for the perfect shots of these very alive mice.

Before I saw these, I’ve always thought mice were creepy and gross. However, after seeing these pictures, and seeing them wrap their tails around each other to play, lick drops of water off a leaf and show love when caring for their babies, I have a different opinion. I never thought I would write this… but these mice are kinda cute and cuddly looking! Thanks to these photographers, we get a very rare glimpse into a world we would probably not get to see otherwise. You can read about the fascinating detail of this photography project on the Daily Mail.