The Umbrella That’s A Walking Piece Of Beautiful Art

Do you carry an umbrella with you during the day? I keep one in my car, but unless it’s pouring, I usually just make a run for it. Then, of course, I regret that decision because by the time I get in the house or building I was running into, I’m soaking wet. It’s not that I don’t like umbrellas; it’s just that most umbrellas are so boring! Obviously other people feel the same way because over the past year or two, we’ve seen many designers take on the umbrella as their source of inspiration and creation.

Most umbrellas that I see are the same design now as they were when I was a little girl, so I pay attention when I see a new umbrella design that makes it look fresh and new once again. Two of the umbrella designs that we’ve written about before are very cool. This umbrella that Richard wrote about creates little smiley faces on the sidewalk from the rain. You can’t help but be happy when you look at that design. The other one that I really like is this umbrella that makes music when the raindrops hit the top of it. Each colored panel on the top of the umbrella represents a different drum sound. Nice!

This umbrella design below is literally a walking piece of art. It is a black and white umbrella when it’s dry. When the raindrops hit it, the white patches turn different colors. You’ll see in the video that when a hair dryer is used (or in a natural situation, when the umbrella dries), it goes back to being just black and white. This umbrella truly comes to life in a beautiful spectrum of color during on otherwise dreary, rainy day. According to the designers at SquidLondon, it comes down to the secret ink used to print the design. It reminds me of those books we had when we were little where we used a paintbrush dipped in water to color the pages. You can pick up your own Squidarella umbrella at UrbanTrim for $55. I want one!

When it’s wet, it looks like this.

When it’s dry, it looks like this.