The Woman Born With Three Mouths

We all work so hard these days. Sometimes we publish articles on Bit Rebels to do nothing more than give you a break from your daily grind and provide you with something artistic, creative and interesting to look at for five minutes. We all know that a well-spent five minutes can refresh your brain so you can go back to that client project with a new perspective and fresh positive energy.

There are so many things you can do with a five-minute break! I wrote about 25 things you can do with five minutes, but don’t do any of those other things now. Instead, stay right here and check out this bizarre little idea by Alva Bernadine. Alva is known for challenging what we believe when it comes to what we consider “normal” and “socially acceptable.”

You can check out a 36-page preview of his book “Gratuitous Sex and Violence – My Favourites” here. When you watch the little video below, your mind will twist and turn when you see that this beautiful woman has three mouths and no eyes. It’s so strange and bizarre, but you can’t stop watching. It’s the perfect little video to make you forget all that work piled on your desk, well, for at least one minute and twelve seconds.

[via: The Trendy Girl]