This Fortune Cookie Coin Purse Holds A Small Fortune

Is it just me or does it seem like many of the new designs recently are inspired by fortune cookies? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about it. To me, a fortune cookie is about as close as it gets to a perfect cookie experience (the only cookie better than a fortune cookie is an Oreo), so it’s all good.

Recently I found these super cute little baby booties in the shape of a fortune cookie, and Richard even wrote about this new camera that imprints fortune cookie messages on your pictures. However, how about a fortune cookie design you can carry with you every day?

Now you can do just that with this charming little coin purse, inspired by the famous cookie. These are designed by Diana Eng (remember her from the second season of Project Runway?). Like it says on Diana’s website, this “Fortune Cookie Coin Purse holds a small fortune.” In reality though, they are truly special.

When high-end soft leather furniture is created, there are scraps of leather that are thrown away. Diana Eng recycles this leather into these adorable little purses. Each one is handmade and comes laser etched with a unique ID number. Just like a high-end handbag, these are stored in a beautiful dust bag. And, of course, let’s not forget the fortune printed on a ribbon, which can be found on the inside of each little purse. On her website, you can even look up the ID number on your purse to learn more about the piece of leather your purse was made from. Oh my gosh, I absolutely have to have one of these. You can purchase one for US $45 here.

[via Incredible Things, Fasshonaburu]