This One Photograph Is Making History

Have you ever seen a Redwood tree? As my cousin would say, “Redwood trees are bloody big!”

Redwood trees are known as the tallest trees on Earth. If they can avoid being cut down, they can live for up to 2,500 years. If you aren’t sure if you’ve seen one of these trees, then you probably haven’t. They are mammoth in size and you would definitely remember it.

Many times a redwood forest is completely dark, even in the middle of the day. The trees are just so large and their canopy is so dense at the top that no sunlight can get through. It’s this reason that they are sometimes called the “skyscrapers of the forest.” In the United States, California and Oregon are both great places to get a glimpse of these trees.

In this month’s issue of National Geographic magazine, there is a picture of one of these 300 foot tall trees. Have you ever tried to take a picture of a tree that tall before? It’s impossible.

Nick Nichols, the very talented National Geographic photographer didn’t let that stop him. He spent almost a year in the forest figuring out how to make the impossible possible. The result? One photograph that is quickly making history. Currently, it is one of the only photos on record that captures the entire tree in its grandeur.

According to YouTube, this picture is “now the centerpiece of the October issue of National Geographic Magazine.”

See how he did it here: