Through the Lens of @robangeles

Twitter has given me a lot of opportunities to meet cool and interesting people.  One person that I met when I was still new to Twitter is Rob Angeles.  He used to live in the US and now back in the Philippines.  He is  the Author and WebMaster of Social Media Philippines.

In one of our conversations, he mentioned his love for photography and how he is learning so much and enjoying the learning process.  He shared with me some cool photographs and shared his inspiration for each of the photos.

Water Drop – Being alone in an apartment is sometimes fun. It will make your brain think of things to kill your boredom. I was watching this advertisement regarding HD (High-Def) and saw a water drop. So, I thought of creating an image similar to what I saw, thinking it will be easy. I was wrong and this image was my 37th attempt to catch that drop. I learned a lot of things and settings just by taking this picture and made me took lessons to understand fundamentals of photography.

Up next is what he calls “Welcome”

When I was in Cleveland, my boss and I have the same taste when it comes to houses. Victorian houses are our favorite and he just bought one. So excited, after he and his wife moved, he invited me to take a peak.

Built during 1867, the house sits on the ground of Ohio City, one of Cleveland’s historic neighborhoods. The front door, especially the knob is a classic.

I took a picture of it to remember how a friend and his family welcomed me in Cleveland. Inspiration comes also from people close to us. People I value.

Chandelier – During our field trip in Cleveland’s Playhouse Square, we were asked to practice taking pictures in low light and I didn’t bring a tripod.

So while waiting for my friend to bring my tripod, I just explored interesting parts of the main lobby and this chandelier was the best.

It was installed in 1922 and the biggest chandelier in the main lobby. I was lying on the floor when I took this thinking that I might create an award-winning photo.

Wishful thinking from a rookie. Dreams can be made a reality.  I believe that we may not learn everything from books, but rather experience will always be our best teacher.

Serenity – During my first month, after being away from the Philippines for 3 years, I wanted to rediscover my town and see how much have changed.

As I was driving back home, I was this. Sunset in Laguna de Bay. Looking at it from my camera and seeing a fisherman, I suddenly felt serenity. Everything in this picture is so calm. Click! Sharing to you the serenity I felt.

My principle in photography is not really technical. I find inspiration in what I feel and what I want others to feel.

Putting a smile in people’s face is priceless and probably the best picture to give. – Rob Angeles

Thank you for sharing with us your photographs and the inspiration behind each work.  You can check out his other photos HERE.  Or you can Tweet him @robangeles on Twitter.