Tinkerbell, Wonder Woman & Ariel As Sparkly Sirens

Out of all the redesigned women superheroes and princesses that we’ve featured in this past, this collection is by far one of my favorites. It’s probably because I love sparkles and glittery designs, and these are definitely shiny and sparkly like that.

Tim Shumate, known as ~telegrafixs on deviantART, created these for fun. He had a lot of requests for Tinkerbell, which is why he included her. This Tinkerbell design is fabulous. The Wonder Woman design is called Wonderbomb, and he created that one as a tat design for a friend. The Ariel is my favorite one, and she looks absolutely stunning in Tim’s interpretation.

Tim says that it’s cool to have his work tattooed on your body, he just requests that you send him a picture. You can learn more about Tim on Tim Shumate Illustrations and purchase any of these prints (or iPhone cases) on Society 6 for about 20 bucks. I put his illustration of the original Angry Bird (Donald Duck) below as a little bonus. That is so true! He was the original angry bird. You can get that design on a t-shirt if you like it. Awesomeness!

Women Superhero Images Art

Women Superhero Images Art

Women Superhero Images Art

This is another one of Tim’s designs I just wanted to add. I love this one!
Women Superheroes Images Art

Via: [So Geek Chic]