Titanic Tattoo Masterpiece: The Story Creatively Recreated On Skin

There are certain things in life that show our age, and I’m not talking about the smile lines on our faces. For example, when my mother talks about sending a note, she means writing a note and mailing it with a stamp. When I talk about sending a note, I mean a Twitter direct message or a facebook message. Last week when I had some computer issues one day, I had to hand write one of my Bit Rebels articles. After about two paragraphs, my whole hand started to cramp up. You mean that is how people used to write? Screw that! :)

Talking about the Titanic is another thing that shows our age. When I think of the Titanic, I think of the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. When the generation before me (yeah mom, I’m still talking about you) thinks of Titanic, they think of the ship that sunk in 1912. Steve Hide, a 45-year-old man living in England, loves the story of Titanic, and I’m not talking about the movie.

Since he’s a history buff, it made sense to him to have the entire store recreated in tattoo form on his back. He started planning for this in 2006, and his goal was to have it completed before the 100th anniversary of the event. 5 years and $5,000 dollars later, it’s complete. Hey, this may sound crazy, but it sure as hell beats this full back Twilight tattoo or this Avatar tattoo. I mean, really? I’ve always wondered about back tattoos. Do people get them there because there is a lot of skin space, or because if they get tired of it, they won’t have to look at it? I wonder if when I turn 45 I’ll get a wild and crazy tattoo on my back. Hmm… Probably not since I’ve been writing about getting a tattoo for over 2 years now, and I’m still tattooless.

Man Gets Huge Titanic Tattoo

Via: [Oddity Central]