Tools To Aid In Setting Up Your Site!

I started out my blog site using a free blogging platform and after I was comfortable in knowing that I could sustain it, I decided to get my own hosting and had my blog migrated. I am just so lucky I have friends who helped me out! The things you need to consider are the design of your site, the theme, the widgets to place, the social icons and, of course, SEO. If you want to know more about blogging and writing you can check out the other articles here on Bit Rebels as well as Raster Rebels and Ink Rebels.

What if you have limited resources for setting up your website? Well, fret no more, there are a vast number of applications and tools that can really help you to create your own site. Most often than not, they also offer demos that show you how to go about it, step by step. Here are some cool tools that we hope can help:

1. LifeYo – They’ve made creating a website as easy as typing on the screen. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is. What you see is exactly what other people will see when they visit your website.

2. Goin Up – With an AJAX-rich interface, GoingUp! combines powerful web analytics with top notch SEO tools. GoingUp! integrates popular analytics and SEO tools in one easy-to-use interface to see how your website is performing from all points-of-view.

3. – allows anyone to create an elegant website using personal content from around the internet. It integrates with your social sites as well.

4. Redanyway – This is a place to share and promote your blog posts. Engage and multiply your readers by letting anyone follow your blog and stay updated with just one click.

5. Moogo – Create professional looking websites in 3 easy steps: Choose a layout, create your url or web address and then create your Moogo account.

If you know of other tools that you feel can help our readers, please share them by commenting.

Main Image Source – Pen Tool