Turn Your Pictures Into Digital Art Pieces!

Photos are our way of capturing the history of our personal lives as well as a way to create keepsakes so we can relive happy moments.  We have pictures taken so we can update our avatars or profile pics on social networking sites that we subscribe to.

Mobile phones now have cameras because users love to take pictures.  Now that you have all the pictures taken, what if you want to create art pieces but do not want to be bogged down because you do not use Photoshop?  How can you turn your photographs into digital art without the hassle?  You can, with Be Funky.com.

BeFunky helps people turn their offline personalities into powerful online visual expressions.  Founded by engineers and cartoonists with a unique desire to integrate art and technology, BeFunky develops digital media tools that let people become instant artists and express themselves creatively without the need for any technical knowledge.

You can use photo effects like motion color, lomo art, holga, sunburst and a whole lot more.  I have tried it on one of my pictures and did some effects to show you what it can do.  All in a matter of minutes.  Now it’s your turn!