Unusual Art: Embroidered Chex Cereal Pieces

Earlier this month, I wrote about some Oreo cookie portraits that were truly incredible. The artist, Judith G. Klausner, did something with those Oreos that you really have to see to believe. Today I’m featuring more of Judith’s art, and this is just as wild and crazy as you might expect from her.

When you first glance at the pictures below, you might think that is a cloth embroidered blanket or rug. However, if you look more closely, you’ll see that those are individual pieces of Chex cereal that have been embroidered and put together just right to create a message.

According to Judith G. Klauser, the only materials she used to create these were Chex cereal, thread and glue. There is no question that creating art with yarn or thread is becoming more popular, but sewing cereal? That’s true talent for sure. I wonder how many pieces she broke until she learned exactly how much pressure to apply. I wonder if she searched the cereal box to find just the right pieces for these designs. I have so many questions about this, and I could go on and on.

The one that reads, “War with Passion” is a tribute to John Harvey Kellogg, the inventor or corn flakes. He wrote a book called Plain Facts For Old And Young in 1892. In that book he described warfare with passion. He also recommended people live by abstinence, exercise, prayer and bland food. Hmm… Maybe that’s why corn flakes taste like cardboard to me. Now it suddenly all makes sense.

Judith Klauser Chex Design

Judith Klauser Chex Designs