Up, Up and Away – Colorful Balloon Sculptures

When I was in high school, I worked at a balloon store. Not only did I deliver balloon bouquets all over town, I did it dressed up as a gorilla. Those were good times.

I drove an old beat up 1974 Maverick which I bought for $400. I can only imagine how funny it looked seeing a teenage girl drive down the highway dressed as a gorilla with balloons in the car. No wonder people used to point and laugh at me. Hahaha

So, you can imagine how these balloon sculptures bring back special memories for me. If I got bored working at that balloon store, I would try to get creative and make balloon sculptures. I never created anything this magnificent, but there were a few things that I was able to sell to earn some gas money.

These sculptures, created by Jason Hackenwerth, are so cheerful and happy to me. It’s interesting that I read on the Internet that some people call them scary. I don’t get that feel from them at all. According to his blog, Jason says, “Experiments with latex balloons as an alternative medium have evolved into massive forms akin to painting…” He sometimes uses thousands of balloons for one sculpture. Wow, I remember from back in the day how my fingers would get sore from tying so many balloons. I wonder if he uses a machine for that, probably.

[via cmybacon, dailymail]