16 Eye Popping Pixel Sculptures You Have To See

It’s like those 8 bit graphics will follow us all to the end of time. Our memories of all the games we used to play on the Nintendo NES console and Commodore 64 (and all the others) have left a lasting taste for the boxy way we used to look at graphics. It’s almost like we can’t get enough of the pixel. That simple little square is the core of everything we see on the screen. The only thing that has changed since then is the actual number of pixels we can cram onto our screen.

It is considered an art form nowadays, and there are even certain art shows and galleries showcasing these kinds of designs and visuals. There are even games especially designed to look like most of the games did back in the cool ’80s. Even though we all are looking towards the future, we’re still very much attached to the past when it comes to the classic and the cult.

Shawn Smith is one of the true enthusiasts when it comes to 8 bit pixelated graphics. He’s taken the art form to the physical level and has done so amazingly well. With the use of what seems to be a million blocks, he’s managed to create some of the most eye popping sculptures you can imagine. Sure, it’s a little bit…”blurry” but that’s what it’s all about. I am such a fan of this kind of stuff, so I think it’s best that I shut up about it now and let you all judge the art yourselves. Enjoy!