What Is UX Design And Why Is It Important?

Designing a website in 2018 is about a whole lot more than simply adding some quickly hashed out content and some flashy graphics and pressing publish.  In fact, anyone who does this is likely to get laughed out of the park, and that’s if the user doesn’t back click within two seconds.  Nowadays, the user experience is such a large part of what makes a good website that it’s something you can’t afford to ignore.  But what is UX (user experience) design, and why is it so important?

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What Is UX Design?

UX design involves employing a number of methods to ensure the website in question is designed perfectly for its target market.  This changes depending on the type of website being built, which is why hiring an expert such as Clockwork is important if you don’t have much experience.  After all, if your website does not appeal to your target audience, it is likely to be forgotten in favor of a competitor.

How well a website does is dependent on one key thing, and that key thing is user experience.  Your website needs to be simple to use, easy to navigate and offer the customer something unique that they are unable to find anywhere else.  Without a strong selling point or advantage, your website can very easily fail.  A professional will be able to ensure that both the design of the site and the content on it is suitable for your audience, ensuring a positive experience.

Why Is UX Design So Important?

From a design perspective, the user experience is key.  You could design the most aesthetically beautiful website in your industry, but if a customer is unable to navigate it, or find what they need quickly, the aesthetics mean nothing.

For in-depth, intricate websites, UX design is even more important.  With websites of this size, it is incredibly easy for them to become cluttered and hard to navigate, which is not the impression you want your company to give.  UX design is also important for startup enterprises as these often do not have the reputation to fall back on. A company like Walmart may be able to get away with a few problems with the design, as they are well known, but customers won’t stand for these issues with a new company.

In addition, a website that is designed with UX in mind can help a company to grow at a fast rate.  If you think about it, a user makes a decision to shop with your company, use its service, or download its app within a few seconds.  If you can grab their attention and keep hold of it quickly, you’re going to grow… and quickly.


While there are a number of tools that can help you with UX design, nothing beats the experience of a professional designer.  It is always worth investing the money in a professional upfront, as the rewards will certainly be worth it in the future.

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