Victorian Era Star Wars: Unique Art Designed For Geeks

This is a fun twist on some familiar Star Wars characters by artist Terry Fan. Theses interesting works of fan art are available in various formats from framed prints to the much classier stretched canvas. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to dress up their iPhone with one of these überGeeky cool cases?

I have to wonder if at the next ComicConNYC I’ll see a half dozen tuxedo wearing Darth Vader cosplayers though. I think it would be cool, and who knows, perhaps this will spark a new trend. Oh wait, that already exists in the steampunk movement. I do apologize for that brief tangent, but the important thing is that there are several shopping days left before Valentines Day unless of course if you like in Uzbekistan. In which case, you can just go about your business because there’s nothing to see here.

All kidding aside, it you have a geek on your shopping list, I am pretty sure that he or she would enjoy a unique gift like one of these. Either way, they are worth admiring for the sake of the artist’s creativity alone. For your consideration, here are some more of Terry’s wonderful images.

 Victorian Era Star Wars

 Steampunk Yoda Top Hat Design

Steampunk Boba Fett Design

 Image Credit: [Terry Fan]